Recently, I was able to pick up my custom PC from my friend who built it for me. I really wanted to get this before I held my ExtraLife charity stream. I knew my laptop wouldn't be capable for streaming too long. You can put any Adobe Creative Suite program in-front of me and I will be a wiz at it and start designing stuff! You can tell me to build a PC from scratch and I will have no idea where to begin. I'm glad my friend was able to have a custom PC ready for me. I was in need of an upgrade from my laptop. My laptop is great for gaming and designing but I needed something with more power. Eventually, I would love to be taught and get educated on building stuff like PC's, etc.

My Updated Battle Station/Workspace

battlestation04 My new workspace is now at the corner of the bedroom. Before, I was working in the living room on my couch. This set up is so much more comfortable! I even got a new pink chair! ... My old one had been with me since my sophomore year at college. battlestation03 I love the lights on my set up! My screen is huge - I've been use to having a 15" laptop screen so having something this big (2560x1080) is crazy big for me! It definitely makes my gaming experience awesomer and when I'm designing, I can finally have multiple windows opened to work on.

Here are my specs that he had put into this PC.

  • Cobra ATX 502 Mid Tower case
  • AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
  • Vishera 8 core overlock 4.3 GHz
  • Asrock Fatality 990 FX chipset
  • SanDisk 128SSD + 500GB SSD + WD Black Edition 1 TB
  • 16 GB ADATA RAM 2400 Mhz
  • RM series RM 1000  80 Gold
  • Certified Modular power supply
  • 2x Gigabyre wind force
  • NVIDIA GTX 4GB 770 in SLI
  • NOCTUA Nh-u12p120mm
  • CPU heat sink

And as for addition specs:

Have you ever build a PC? Anything in general? I'd love to know! Hopefully in the future I can accomplish making something on my own from scratch!