My Battlestation Upgrade

October 27th, 2014
Recently, I was able to pick up my custom PC from my friend who built it for me. I really wanted to get this before I held my ExtraLife charity stream. I knew my laptop wouldn't be capable for streaming too long. You can put any Adobe Creative Suite program in-front of me and I will be a wiz at it and start designing stuff! You can tell me to build a PC from scratch and I will have no idea where to begin. I'm glad my friend was able to have a custom PC ready for me. I was in need of an upgrade from my laptop. My laptop is great for gaming and designing but I needed something with more power. Eventually, I would love to be taught and get educated on building stuff like PC's, etc.

My Updated Battle Station/Workspace

battlestation04 My new workspace is now at the corner of the bedroom. Before, I was working in the living room on my couch. This set up is so much more comfortable! I even got a new pink chair! ... My old one had been with me since my sophomore year at college. battlestation03 I love the lights on my set up! My screen is huge - I've been use to having a 15" laptop screen so having something this big (2560x1080) is crazy big for me! It definitely makes my gaming experience awesomer and when I'm designing, I can finally have multiple windows opened to work on.

Here are my specs that he had put into this PC.

  • Cobra ATX 502 Mid Tower case
  • AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
  • Vishera 8 core overlock 4.3 GHz
  • Asrock Fatality 990 FX chipset
  • SanDisk 128SSD + 500GB SSD + WD Black Edition 1 TB
  • 16 GB ADATA RAM 2400 Mhz
  • RM series RM 1000  80 Gold
  • Certified Modular power supply
  • 2x Gigabyre wind force
  • NVIDIA GTX 4GB 770 in SLI
  • NOCTUA Nh-u12p120mm
  • CPU heat sink

And as for addition specs:

Have you ever build a PC? Anything in general? I'd love to know! Hopefully in the future I can accomplish making something on my own from scratch!


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About Lori

Lori Garcia is a graphic/web designer and illustrator from Austin, TX. She loves making illustrations, playing video games & taking her digital camera around. Follow her @GirlHeroLori! If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact me!

  • Oh my this must have cost you a pretty penny. I built my PC starting almost 3 years ago and it needs to be upgraded XD

  • B.

    Wow! That screen is huge! What an awesome friend to have!

  • It’s so pretty! In the words of Felicity Smaok, “can I touch it?” Due to space, I had to forgo a desktop & settle for a laptop but my custom built one is out of date now that it probably wouldn’t run a thing.

  • I love the big puffy chair! I think I need one of those. I helped Rick build his gaming PC. We started with a really good deal on a slightly better than decent video card and built the rest of it around that.

  • Ari Carr

    That’s an amazing set-up! I recently bought a new laptop for univeristy work/video games so I can’t really afford a big fancy set-up like this.

  • Beautiful! I did the same thing a year ago. Got myself a custom PC setup to live along with my Macbook Pro. :)

  • It’s beautiful!

  • I am in love with the set up of your work/battle station! :D That chair looks so comfortable and then there’s that huge screen… Oh, the joy of gaming with it. Lol. I’m sure you’ll be spending great times there while gaming and designing! :)

  • That set up is sweet! I am planning on getting a custom build PC soon, since I’d like to be able to game on a PC again (my Macbook well… let’s not go there! >_<). Awesome wallpaper! I have one similar. ^^

  • I wish I knew the slightest thing about computers other than, you know, internet. I recently bought Child of Light on Steam and even with the settings turned way down, I can’t get it to play (cheap Walmart laptop here). I’d really like to get a nice gaming computer, but I have no idea what specs I should be looking for! Guess I could always copy yours? Haha. But your whole setup looks super cozy :)

  • Amanda Brand

    So pretty, so shiny :-D. That reminds me–I need to get a new keyboard and headset.

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