I was searching events and days that are happening during October. I came across a great list that tells you every holiday in the day of October. I picked out some of my favorites! October is such a great month - Did you know these days existed?


Since I just came across the list, I added the days that are coming up soon.
  • October 14: National Lowercase Day this will probably be the only day you can get away with not pressing that capslock button. lowercase everything!
  • October 16th: Boss's Day Show your boss a little bit of love! Even if it's just for the day, they deserve some recognition for all their hard work.
  • October 16th: Astronomy Day This day is for all the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts. This event started in 1973 by a man named Doug Berger, who was the president of the Astronomical Association of North California. "His intent was to set up various telescopes in busy urban locations so that passersby could enjoy the views of the heavens" - WP
  • October 18th: National Chocolate Cupcake Day ... Must I continue really? This day just sounds delicious in every way and I will GLADLY celebrate this day with a cornucopia of cupcakes! This doesn't even have to be a holiday for me - I will happily celebrate this any day! :)
  • October 19th: World Toy Camera Day For the past few years, World Toy Camera Day has been held on every 3rd Saturday of October. Everybody is encourage to go out and take photos with a toy camera!
  • Evaluate Your Life Day Let's just take a moment to recap a few things going on in your life
  • October 21th: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day Now it's your time to find a delicious recipe and make yourself a pumpkin cheesecake :)
  • October 25th: Frankenstein Friday This is celebrated every last Friday in October. Frankenstein Friday celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and its creator. We all know Frankenstein is one of the best known horror characters and he is one of my favorite icons! I'm glad I encountered this day on the list :D
  • October 26th: Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night This is the day where you can release your inner-wolf... Howl at the moon!
  • October 27th: National Tell A Story Day This day is for the U.K and Scotland. I think this should be shared throughout the world though! So many great stories that need to be heard!
  • October 27th: Cranky Co-Workers Day "In honor of all the complaining and just plain cranky co-workers you have to endure all year, this is the day to let them go with it and enjoy their miseries."- via WellCat.com
  • October 28th: Plush Animal Lover's Day A day to appreciate your favorite plush animal.
  • October 29th: Internet Day This day will mark the anniversary of the first usage of the Internet sending a message electronically, back in 1969... Even though the system crashed half way when sending the message, though! Alas, let us celebrate this great creation.
  • October 30th: Create A Great Funeral Day "The Day was founded with the hopes of getting loved ones to sit down together and talk about what they would want at their funeral so their loved ones know when the time comes and do not have to juggle their grief with trying to plan a funeral and guess what they would have wanted, even if it is just so much as a particular song played at the funeral, or words for the headstone." via DOTY.com
  • October 30th: Devil's Night / Hell Night The night before Halloween. It is associated with the 'serious vandalism and arson in Detroit, Michigan from the 1970s to the 1990s.'
  • October 30th: Haunted Refrigerator Night What evil lurks inside your refrigerator? Maybe in the back corner? This day is to celebrate what lies inside your refrigerator. "If you're looking to get in the Halloween spirit on Halloween's eve, and are in the mood to send shivers down the spine... After all is dark and quiet, light a candle or bring a flashlight (no room lighting allowed) and venture down into the kitchen. After a short pause to gain courage, pull your refrigerator door and go where no one has gone in recent memory -- to the very back of the fridge! Check all shelves and go to the depths of the veggie and fruit drawers. What you find will be truly haunting." via GP.com
  • October 31st: Halloween Enough said.
  • October 31st: National Magic Day This day is in honor of Harry Houdini; the great magician who died on Halloween in 1926.
I hope these days give you better things to look forward to for the days to come :) I actually enjoyed looking up the meaning of all these days. I would have never knew they existed. Happy October, everyone!