This October is looking very promising when it comes to my favorite TV shows. So many great shows airing back and it feels good to look forward to a certain day of the week now. Here are some shows I'm watching:


  • Monday - Gotham
    Okay, I won't lie. I haven't started watching this show! Every time Monday comes along, I kick myself for missing this show. It's definitely on my "Must-Watch-NOW" list, I just need to get around to catching up.
  • Tuesday - CW The Flash
I've been anticipating this show ever since I heard it was in development! First episode just recently aired last week and I'm adoring it. It could be my small crush on Barry Allen, but I really do like the detail they put into the show. I can't wait to see more of it! And it would be great if they did more Arrow/Flash crossovers in the future.
  • Wednesday - CW Arrow & Ghost Hunters

I've been a fan of Ghost Hunters ever since I was in high school. I'd ritually watch it every Wednesday night with my friends. At the moment, I'm currently putting Arrow in-que first and then Ghost Hunters. I'm a huge Arrow fan! You will probably see my annoying tweets when the show is going on. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Amell last Dallas Comic Con and it made me really happy how sweet & down to Earth of a guy he was! The whole cast looks like they'd be down to earth. I hope to meet Felicity & Diggles one day.

  • Saturday  - Doctor Who

I had to add a little bit of British TV to my list. I've found myself not as 'excited' to catch a new Doctor Who episode, but nonetheless it's a nice treat to add to my Saturdays. ... Maybe I'm just missing my Tennant days.

  • Sunday - The Walking Dead / AMC The Talking Dead

I was inspired to write this list by the season premiere of the Walking Dead that aired today! It's always a great perk to watch the Talking Dead afterwards - I'm always left with so many emotions after the show is done so I'm glad the Talking Dead helps break down the episode. My dad recently binged watch all the seasons so he could catch up with the show - It's a nice new tradition for me to text him when it's done to get this feedback on the episode :)

What shows are you watching? Any shows you are currently waiting for to air back? Happy Sunday!