Yesterday was the first day of autumn! I've been inspired to decorate my apartment with more fall-items so I started browsing Target - Everything is always so pretty to look at there during the holidays! target-pumpkin I originally saw these pumpkins at Target and started thinking, "It would be crafty to use REAL pumpkins and have fun with some glitter!". This is where the magic of Pinterest kicks in. As I searched for glittered pumpkins, I found results of endless photos of enchanting looking pumpkins! So here are a few items you will need to begin your glittered pumpkins:
  • ModPodge or Glue
  • Your choice of colored glitter
  • A pumpkin!
Here are some easy steps for decorating your pumpkin:
  • Coat your pumpkin in the desired areas with glue.
  • Pour glittered into a bowl for easier access. You can use a plastic spoon to scoop up glitter in areas that are hard to reach on the pumpkin.
  • Cover the areas in glue with glitter!
  • Enjoy your masterpiece.

Check out these amazing results from other DIY tutorials who made their own!


BlogAlACart has a very easy tutorial on making some glimmery pumpkins.


NestOfPosies get's crafty and adds watercolors & gold stems to her pumpkins!


HGTV also shares their way of making glittered pumpkins!

This is a fun and easy DIY tutorial for anyone to do. Have a "glittered pumpkin" party and make a cornucopia of gittered pumpkins for your home. Have you started decorating for fall?  Hope this can be added to your list of homemade decorations!