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Destiny released on September 9th and has been named the most pre-ordered IP in history. Destiny is my first next-gen game and it truely demonstrates the beauty of the Xbox One & PS4. The game was also released for Xbox 360 & PS3. Destiny is stunning!
Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, Destiny seems to fall into a few different categories - Massively multiplayer online game elements (but players can't communicate with each other), first person shooter mixed with wanting to also be a role-playing game (but has no character development and a short story). destiny-review05 destiny-review04

All characters are based on how you create them. 

Destiny is based on the journey of the Guardians. You are able to play as three different characters: Titan, Hunter & Warlock, either as a human, Awoken, or Exo. You are the last defenders of humanity whom are set to protect Earth's last city. I was hoping picking a certain character would have an effect on the game mechanics but it's all the same for either character you pick. destiny-review03 This is a very vague statement, but like others have been saying, it feels like a mix of playing Halo & Borderlands - minus the endless hours of mission-playing like Borderlands. I can't shake off how some of the atmosphere of the game reminds me of Halo... Bungie did help develop the game, of course. They said the game could be completed in 9-10 hours - I believe it. Once you complete the game, you are left with a few options.. Once you hit level 20, it's a bit of a game-changer. In order to rank up, you will need to find a new armor that has a special characteristic known as 'Light'. Funny thing is, it doesn't explain why you need to level up with 'light'.destiny-review01 There are two options to finding better gear/equipment. One is the Crucible - the multiplayer portion of the game and it's very intense. If you aren't a high enough level and well-equipped - it can be a little brutal. Another option would be buying items from the Vanguard vendors. In order to receive items from the Vanguard, you would have to play a few Strike missions. destiny-review02 I felt as though the story fell short. As I began the game, I was pumped! The beginning of the missions were great, it was fun, and playing with others was a blast. Then I was at the point of already finishing up the story-mode. You come across different characters and don't even get any back story to them! I wish there was also more of a relationship between a guardian and their ghost, too. This is where the game fails in becoming generalized as an RPG. At least in Borderlands, we get back-stories and grow relationships (either good or bad) with the characters that come out in the game. I'm still left wondering about certain characters and who they are, what was their purpose and such. They said the game could be completed in 9-10 hours - I believe it. I was very disappointed with the last mission/boss fight. There were previous missions MUCH harder than that ending! Even with the difficulty level set two levels higher, it didn't feel like a challenge. destiny-review06

Warning: Spoilers! View final mission: Black Garden.

All in all, the game was fun and it was beautiful to look at. I don't regret buying the game, I still find myself spending a few hours playing it. I hope Bungie/Activision fill in the gaps that are missing for this game - Not really sure how, but a lot was left unsaid and it still feels a little unfinished. I am pleased with the game.

Review - Destiny
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