Confessions Of A Blogger

Just finished reading The Nerdy Girlie's "Confessions Of A Blogger" post on her blog and I just knew I had to get myself making a post on this! We all have our secrets to what makes us tick on writing a blog. I'll be sharing my confessions on what I do and what helps me blog and also share other personal confessions behind it. confessions-couch01 1. Not Your Typical Workspace - Whenever I'm about to write a blog post, I have to be alone. I noticed I have better concentration whenever I'm by myself. Another odd ritual that I must do is blog while sitting on my couch. Many people most likely have a nice workspace desk they use - I do have one but I don't like working on it. I do all my work on my couch. Once I hit a comfortable position, I can sit for hours and get a lot of work done - Including making lengthy blog posts. confessions-music01 2. Tuning Out the World - It's strange, but I get the creative juices flowing for writing whenever I'm listening to music. Right before I write a post, I put my headset on and play Explosions In The Sky on my Spotify. What I love about that band is that they don't have vocals - Just music. It really helps me write and design. I've also been recently adding in Feint and Anamanaguchi to my mix. confessions-bipolar01 3. It's Never Enough - I'm constantly feeling like I'm never adding as much content as I'd like. I constantly feel that my blogs design is out-of-date so it's always changing. I'm a little bipolar when it comes to my blog but I love it to death. I'm only going crazy because I care about it so much and like any blogger, you wanted your blog to succeed and make sure it's expresses what you love/who you are. confessions-balance01 4. Finding A Balance - I always feel like I'm not giving my blog enough attention. I've been trying to find a good balance between life, freelance work, Twitch streaming, and whatever else life throws at me. I never want to feel like my blog has to take the back seat. I want to share everything on this blog! Sharing what I am countering in life at that moment, my gaming moments, etc. confessions-promotion01 5. Promotion Is Essential - I love promoting, interviewing people, and sharing Tuesday Finds on amazing work people have made! I've become aware that my blog is about 70% based on promoting. It makes me extremely happy to share work that people are proud of and interviewing incredible people that have impacted me/my blog/and hopefully you too! I'd love to hear your blogging confessions! Be sure to check out #BloggerConfessions on Twitter via @TheNerdyGirlie to read more confessions by other bloggers!