I've been changing my hair style recently and I've been looking into accessories I can wear. I found a gold mine of terrific hair accessories! Check out these unique, eclectic and awesome looking hair accessory finds. tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mf-01tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mf-02 Madam Fandom - "Retro love with 8bit style Party Favors, Jewelry, Keychains, Ornaments, Home Decor, & more! 100% handmade. Proudly MADE IN THE USA!" If you love wearing 8bit designed products, you'll love her shop.
  1.  I adore her Doctor Who Hair Bow collection! She has the 5th/4th/11th Doctor, Union Jack Bow & a Tardis Bow in her collection. They would make a perfect accent to an EveryDay Cosplay outfit or a little geeky-chic outfit being put together.
  2. FROZEN Hair Bows - After watching the movie, I can honestly say it's one of my favorite Disney movies. Madam Fandom has a cute set of Elsa/Anna hair bows in her shop.
Another reason why her shop is definitely a must-see will be due to her prices. So affordable = Buy more items! You seriously can't beat it! As stated in her shop information above, she makes other great items with a variety of characters ranging from Doctor Who to Supernatural to Star Wars & so much more! tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-fb-01tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-fb-02 I actually have a million headbands on my bathroom vanity. After finding Featherband, it looks like I'll be attending a few more to my collection! Wow!
  1. 8-Bit My Little Pony headbands/barrettes/pins - These were the first to catch my eye! LOVELY COLORS! They are just so cute looking too.
  2. 8-Bit Minecraft, Tardis, R2D2, Minion, Gameboy headbands/barrettes/pins - Seriously - That Minecraft creeper & Game Boy set! I'd be wearing those every day! It's so retro-gamer-chic.
  3. 8-Bit Anime Expressions headbands/barrettes/pins/ - To be honest... If I had all of these, I would definitely change them out every time I felt those emotions! These are so unique and fun to have!
Featherband also carries beautiful fascinators, supplies, and more geeky hair accessories from Super Mario to Pokemon to more lovely items. tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mix-01tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mix-02 Lastly, these two shops are a must-see!
  1. Hazel Threads - They have very simple headbands with great geeky prints. I really like her Sailor Moon & Sherlock bands! The simplicity is really nice!
  2. JanineBasil - Amazing colors! Glitter! Shapes! Fascinators! Super unique & eclectic hair accessories! Her shop is fun and very eye-catching.
I was very excited to share these finds with you guys! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :)

Happy Tuesday!