Do you enjoy monthly surprises in your mailbox? How about if it's filled with geeky surprises? Check out these monthly subscription boxes you can sign up for to get some fun and geeky swag.

Loot Crate


Loot Crate was my very first monthly geeky subscription. I L O V E them! It's $13.37 per month + S/H and each box is has an awesome surprise!

Customer service is excellent and they were really friendly and prompt to responding to my emails/comments. Plus, they are so involved with their fan community! They love to share your tweets, photos & videos. I give them 5 stars and lots of 1 Ups!

Here is an old unboxing video I made when I received my crate! **Luckily, I've upgraded recording equipment since then**  

Nerd Block


Nerd Block is another subscription I heard that does just as well! They have different boxes you can choose from - I like that.

It's great that you can choose what kind of box you are interested in - So much variety!

Geek Me Box


GeekMeBox is a little more pricey than the other boxes ($29.99 w/ shipping included / per month) ; Although, you get a lot of geeky items in the GMB box.

I found out about GeekMeBox by Ciji (Known as Starslay3r). She posted an unboxing video on your Facebook page that led me to looking into GMB.

Check it out! Add more geeky items to your collection.

Indie Box


Do you love playing indie games? Indie Box is a monthly subscription that delivers collectors edition versions of indie games. Their packages start at $14.99 & up.

Each IndieBox contains a high-quality indie game, retro-style box art, USB game cartridge, color manual, original soundtrack, and much more.
  I made sure to look into the subscriptions that had most positive feedback and were currently up-to-date. There were a lot of subscriptions that seemed to be discontinued and had horrible reviews. Hope these subscriptions will enlighten you to try one out!

Happy Saturday!