It's about that time to hop onto the Hogwarts train and head back to school. I found some great finds on geeky & cute gear you can flaunt during your new school semester. Etsy crafter, Geeky U, has created some amazing bags for their shop! Everything is handmade and I love the detail they incorporated onto the bags! tuesdayfinds-geekyu1-01 You can rock out these kickass bags at school and know it's definitely one of a kind!
  1. Zelda-Inspired
  2. Super Paper Plumber
  3. Dark Zelda-Inspired
They also have a bunch of other geeky items and sell a variety of things like leggings, iPhone cases, sweatshirts and a lot more apparel! ESNotebooks has your back when you need to take down some important notes. Their notebooks have a wide range of characters! To name a few, they have some comic book characters, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars, video games and a bunch more! tuesdayfinds-esnotebooks-01
  1. Movies & TV Notebooks
  2. Other Geekery Notebooks
  3. Kids Notebooks
We all have a little bit of a 'magical girl' inside of us. Lastly, I'd like to share a variety of few magical items I came across <3 tuesdayfinds-mgstuff 7. Magical Girl In Training tank - Let everyone know you are currently in training to becoming a magical girl by wearing this tank created by Geekilicious. 8. Sailor Moon Mini Sticker Sheet - PoisonandAntidote created this little set of stickers. Stick these lovely stickers everywhere! I'd keep them inside a binder that lets you store pictures or stick them on important notes. *Be sure to check out their shop for more magical stickers - 1, 2, 3* 9. Kiki's Delivery Service Zipper Bag - Kiki is magical. Need to store pencils/pens? Maybe your makeup? How about secret notes? CaseofCuties shop has numerous zipper bags with a lot of cute characters from Adventure Time, Totoro, Hearthstone and more! ... And to love them even more, they can design shoes for you! I hope this post helps you kick-start your school semester for geeky-goodness!

Happy Tuesday!