Want to stir up something geeky, delicious and fun in the kitchen? Then you will love my Tuesday Finds this week :) I heard about Miki's Pantry when the official Borderlands Facebook page posted a sweet post on their Claptrap cookies!
So cute!
Miki's YouTube channel has great tutorials based on anime, games and "kawaii-ness", as stated on their websites information. Her website is seriously a goldmine for awesome recipes I'd love to try! Here are a few of my favorites:
mp-01 [Sailor Moon Compact cookies]
mp-02 [Pokemon cookies] mp-03 [Spirited Away cookies] For all you San Francisco, Californians... You can order some of her products! Only local orders. I wish her services were here. Be sure to stop by her website for more updates and recipes! If you happen to try out any of her tutorials, I'd love to see and I'm sure she would too!