So after coming back from the biggest comic-con I've ever attended, I decided to write down tips/advice to use later on. I'd love to share with you what I experienced and how to prepare myself better for another big convention! Feel free to advise me any other additional tips in the comments section :D
Transportation. This pertains mostly to the SDCC. So, we learned our lesson to explore more options of getting to the convetion. We did have a rental car, but due to insurance reasons we weren't ALL allowed to drive it. Therefore, we kept taking a taxi... Boy, did that drain our wallets! We discovered the trolley system while wanting to go back to the hotel for downtime. I highly recommend exploring options of transportation. The transit literally stopped on the same street our hotel was on and it was SO MUCH CHEAPER.

Take the time to research alternative transportation methods!

Other options to consider than taking a cab: Getting dropped off at the event, transit, trolley stations, taking the train, renting bicycles (some cities offer this). Comfort. You will most likely be at any convention for a solid 6+ hours (depending on the event). It would be best to wear some comfortable walking shoes OR take an additional pair with you in your backpack/purse/car. It also helps to wear something you find comfortable! Everyone is different - One might find a dress and high heels their comfort outfit and another will find a geeky t-shirt, jeans and running shoes their convention outfit! Storage. For conventions, it really helps to take a backpack - You might want to carry any free items you receive, maybe your camera or other additional items you don't want to be carrying (merchandise you bought, business cards, phone chargers, wallets, etc.) If you are flying to a convention, it is best to bring a second pair of luggage (duffle bag, second carry on-bag or suitcase, etc.) If you know you are going to buy a lot of items at a convention, you definitely want to be able to travel with them back home! Extra storage is a must! Lines. Most conventions will have long lines either for an autograph booth, badge pick up, merch booth, etc. If you know you will be waiting for a long time, be sure to bring the following essentials to help you out on your wait: Essential Items.
  • Poster tubes - You will most likely leave a convention with a few posters whether they were being passed out for free, autographed by a celebrity/artist, or purchased at the artist alley. Poster tubes will help you easily carry them and not damage the product!
  • Chargers - If you love to post updates on your social media networks while at the convention, it's wise to take chargers! This can be your phone charger (which I find most important), laptop charger, camera charger, etc.
  • Business cards - If you are part of the press, a cosplayer, or trying to self-promote yourself, then it would be wise to take a stack of business cards! From personal experience, I've passed out my cards whenever I take footage of someone, have an interview, or will be featuring someone on my site/networks. Conventions are great places to promote yourself! Having your own cards are highly recommended.
  • On-the-go snacks - (Nutrigran bars, Chewy bars, small back of chips, etc.) - Sometimes the wait can bring out the hunger. From my experience, hunger + waiting = Being in a grumpy mood. Snacks will keep you energized for awhile!
  • Beverages - Stay hydrated! It's very important to keep a water bottle with you or at least stop by a water fountain frequently. Some conventions allow you to bring in your own beverages - Take advantage of that!
  • Handheld items - This can be a Nintendo DS, cellphone, tablet, magazine, comic book, sketchpad for drawing/writing, etc. Those lines can drive you insane if you have nothing to keep your mind occupied!
Map. Sometimes the event you want to attend isn't even in the same city! It's best to have a map with you - Either you GPS incase you get lost in the city or printed out directions to the destination you need to get to. As for the convention, most of them pass out maps of where everything will be displayed inside the event. Save yourself some time of not having to browse around cluelessly and be sure to grab an event map! You'll have a better time knowing where you are going and can access things faster.
Those were a few things I wanted to cover for tips on going to a convention for now. SDCC was a great experience! I'm glad I got to meet a few Female Geek Bloggers and have a really awesome first year experience :) If you feel like there are more tips you'd like to share, feel free to leave them down below in the comments!

Happy Friday, everyone!