SDCC 2014: Sunday

Sunday Funday!... And also the last day of comic con :( I honestly feel sad about SDCC ending but I'm pretty sure my wallet is feeling a bit relieved now. I seriously wanted to buy everything because they were so many fantastic items there! Luckily, I was able to get a Sunday pass! So we decided to take our time on getting to the convention that day. As I was looking through the #SDCC & #Supernatural feed on Twitter, I was noticing that the Supernatural event wasn't packed out yet! When we arrived we were able to get seats inside Hall H :D It was my first time being in there - It's huge!
The Supernatural panel was one of the main panels my best friend and I really wanted to attend... We were getting discourage thinking about having to sleep through the night at Hall H or just not getting inside at all! So glad we got in! ... We might have fangirled when we saw Jensen walk in ♥!
The panel was T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C! We saw an exclusive trailer for the upcoming season and their Q&A was so entertaining! Someone recorded a small portion of what they showed us at the panel. It's suppose to be longer with more action - but enjoy this anyway!
After the panel, we all parted ways to buy more stuff. I decided to take some downtime by myself and just sit for a long time. This con really does drain you; Especially on the last day!
As I was passing through the artist alley, I was able to FINALLY meet Tara McPherson! I bought a few of her prints on Thursday but he wasn't there to sign them. She was so sweet and signed a free print they were passing out for me. I wish I could have bought more prints but I was already pushing it with how much stuff I could fit in my luggage...
Before we all headed back to the hotel, I was able to meet up with Megan of The Nerdy Girlie ♥ She was sweet enough to give me a goodie-bag from the meet up I wasn't able to attend! Actually, I was able to run into her on Saturday right before we did the Borderlands laser tag :D She is the sweetest ♥! Now I am here waiting for my second flight to Austin and making this blog entry. I have a 2 hour layover in San Francisco so I decided to spend my waiting time productively ... And knowing me, I was going to be too tired to make this entry later ^^; So I'm definitely looking forward to attending SDCC next year and I hope I'll be better prepared. Remember to look out for my next entries that will consist of my knowledge/tips/advice that I experienced from this convention. I can't wait to get back to Texas and sleep for two days straight before having to go back to work... Don't forget I have spots available if you'd like to sponsor my blog!
Happy Monday, everyone! ♥