SDCC 2014: Saturday

San Diego Comic Con can really take a toll on you. We've felt nothing but exhaustiveness the past days being here - But in a good way! There is so much to do! We all woke up early enough to finally play the Borderlands laser tag over at the Nerd HQ. We still had an hour to kill before we played so I started checking out the cosplay parade!
They were passing out these really awesome looking Guardian Of The Galaxy posters, too! I'll be sure to show you guys in my video haul for SDCC :) Finally, it was time to play some Borderlands laser tag! It was the Hyperion vs Dahl... We were team DAHL! You know you and your best friend think alike when you both suddenly charge directly to the opposite team with guns blazing! That was so fun! We were able to get a few shots in :D
sdcc-sat-01 I'm happy to say that our team dominated the Hyperion's :)
After the match, we were welcomed with free t-shirts and exclusive Borderland posters! I'm in love with the Borderlands series, so anything Borderlands makes me happy! As we were walking down, we came across the Nerdist panel. The guys from Mythbusters were the current guests! It was awesome to listen to them for awhile and snap a few pictures of their panel. To be honest, one of my friends and I were extremely tired to do anything else. It was time for us to make our journey back to the hotel. Since our friends weren't allowed to move the rental car (you can only go in for parking once and not again for the day) and they wanted to stay longer for the day, we decided to figure out the trolley system. I wish we thought about using the trolley when we arrived instead of spending so much money on all the cabs. *I will add more about transportation in my SDCC tips post :)* They did release a long trailer for season 3 of Arrow on Saturday, which I will end my post with :D!
**fangirling so hard for Olicity!**
Did you see any SDCC exclusive trailers for upcoming shows you're excited to see? Maybe The Flash? Supernatural? Arrow??? There were so many good ones! :)