Yesterday night I arrived in San Diego. It was a long flight due to a few delays but I was so happy to finally land! I already knew Thursday was going to be a busy day. We got 4 hours of sleep that night and went straight to the convention around 5:30am. First things first! I needed to pick up my badges. sdcc-thurs-01 It was about an hour until the line started moving (I won't get started on the long lines...) and I was able to get my Thursday and Sunday badges. I was glad to be able to find/meet up with my friends and we waited a little bit longer for the convention doors to open. As soon as the doors opened up, I bolted for Booth 5636 which was the Symbiote Studios booth. I can say that I am the proud owner of the SDCC Exclusive Warframe Excalibur statue! The seller also threw in some Warframe Lotus tattoos & a discount code. Just as I was about to pay, I remembered that they were also selling Warframe hoodies! I snagged the blue/black ninja hoodie.

One of my favorite things about SDCC was all the free stuff being given out!

This is me holding two bags filled with stuff I bought and stuff that was free... One of my bags got so heavy, it tore :(

sdcc-thurs-02 Before SDCC, I did some research on a few items I wanted that were going to be sold at SDCC. After the Warframe items, I stopped by the Her Universe booth to get their Nerdist hoodie! More hoodies to add to my horrible addiction. More highlights from today:
  • For downtime, we decided to eat at the Ascension: SyFy Cafe. That place amazing! I loved everything about it from the look-and-feel to the delicious food. Not to mention, comedian and Deadpool writer Brian Posehn was sitting one table away from us!
  • Checking out more at the Gaslamp strip, we scored a lot of free items and played some classic arcade games.
  • We visited the Xbox Lounge and goofed around with the #XboxSweeps contest.
  Lastly, we went back to the convention center to buy more t-shirts and grab more free items! By around 6pm we were so drained, exhausted and almost dying from how much we walked all day. We ended up calling it day earlier and crashed out so fast! sdcc-thurs-03 I will be hosting a 'Win "Free SDCC Stuff" Giveaway' in a few days! :D Just gathering a lot more free items as I can! New post tomorrow on my Friday festivities :) I can't wait to read about everyones experiences here at SDCC! I'm already making a list of tips and advice that I'm learning along the way from SDCC. I'll be sure to post that up at the end of my trip! :)