sdcc-logoTomorrow is the big day! I'll be flying to San Diego, California tomorrow night. I have so many different feelings at the moment! High anxiety for the plane ride but excitement to finally be visiting California. To be honest - I am about 40% prepared for SDCC itself! After procrastinating, I have everything all packed up, camera fully charged and movies loaded into my laptop for the plane ride over... But I have no game-plan once I hit San Diego ^^;; I'd like to share with you the small and unorganized list of events I'd love to attend while I'm in San Diego!
Warframe: Excalibur Statue - Ok. This isn't an event but I seriously want to get my hands on one of these statues! If you see me streaming on Twitch, you know one of my favorite games to play is Warframe! I need this in my living room! I'd kill for one!!!
  • Halo: Nightfall @ SDCC - Just a few more months until the release of the Master Chief collection; I'd love to find out more exclusive information by 343 Industries! Can't wait to hear about Nightfall, as well!
  • Female Geek Bloggers Meet Up! I'm reallllly excited about meeting everyone there! It's amazing how time flies - My blog is already around 2 years old along with some of the other geek bloggers! This event should be grand!
  • Borderlands Pre-Sequel Laser Tag - SO AWESOME. I'm such a HUGE Borderlands fan! Once I read this on the list of events I knew I HAD to try and play at least once while I'm in SD!
  • Xbox Lounge @ SDCC - To be honest... I just want to check this out because I'm going to pray to baby-Jesus on winning a free Xbox One. Doesn't hurt to try???
  • Her Universe Fashion Show - This would be just lovely to attend!
  • @Midnight LIVE at SDCC - My friend and I scored some tickets to be in the live studio audience for the @Midnight show Friday night :) Sah-weeeeet!
  • Supernatural Panel on Sunday - There may be some extreme fangirling for this panel... But my best friend and I can't wait to attend this one!
I'm sure the list will grow and we will stumble upon events around us without even knowing it! I'm stoked! The .gif below as very appropriate to end this post.
:D If you are attending this year, I hope we somehow cross paths and take lots of pictures! My best friends will be flying in before me but I seriously can't wait to meet up with them!

Safe travels to everyone traveling!

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