RTX Exclusive: 2014 Overall

As you can see, I've been posting a few videos throughout the week of my RTX experience. I can honestly say this has been one of my top events I've been to. Maybe I enjoyed it so much since I got to be in the "press" side of it; But, I know I'll be sure to apply for press again next year!
Here is a video of other cool things that were going on during RTX.
Highlights of my RTX 2014 Experience:
  • First, getting accepted for a media badge.
  • My friend, Sal, being insanely helpful and an awesome tech-guy! ... By the way, he is OFFICIALLY part of the Girlhero family! For local events, I hope he will continue to help as my media/tech lead! Thank you again for the great footage! :)
  • Getting to meet Bree Brouwer of Live Geek & Prosper
  • Iron Gaming inviting us to the RT party.
  • Viewing RvB episode before its air date.
  • Having my first in-person interview :)
  • Bumping into Kelli Nova!
  • Ending my RTX experience with the 343 Industries Halo party!
I wanted to make a post about the 343 Industries panel, but didn't end up having time to make one. Check out the whole panel on this link! It will give you everything to know about up-to-date information on the Master Chief collection! :)
lori-tinybluechiefTiny blue Chief I got at the 343 party.
So I'm really trying to take a bigger approach with my blog. I'll be trying to incorporate my YouTube channel a lot more with upcoming events or updates I want share via vlog. I also want to get more involved with my Twitch world. If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice my late night streams; I'm hoping to keep a consistent schedule for the week. Things are looking quite well! Next event will be San Diego Comic Con :) Hope to see you guys there!