Playing Well With Others: Awesome Group Cosplays

June 21st, 2014
I love a good ‘group cosplay’. Even when I was a kid, I used to try to get my friends together to be like, the cast of Clue or Scooby Doo or whatever for Halloween. For some reason, I get an extra big kick out of seeing entire families in costume. Like, why not include everyone…and the dog? My own parental unit would’ve never gone for this sort of silliness – perhaps that’s why I dig these photos so much. Sure, we’ve probably all seen an assembly of friends portraying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Sailor Moon...the more, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned! Personally, for this list, I’m including multiple-person cosplays: either really unique ideas, or costumes that are just phenomenally well done. Let’s take a look…
These two are nailing their Bioshock cosplay. And it’s freakin’ adorable. [image source]
Wowwww – the movie Hocus Pocus?! Big ups to these ladies! [image source]
The ‘Endor’ version of Leia is so rare. Y’know, little kids should just be ewoks. In real life. [image source]
Sooo…does this mean the parents are about to eat these children? [image source]
It doesn’t get any cuter than these Doctor Who pugs, folks. [image source]
90’s flashback – the cast of Daria look fantastic! [image source]
Yeah, but…where’s Elsa? Still, you never see anyone other than Indiana Jones, so this rules. [image source]
Labyrinth! How perfect is that tiny Bowie?! Not to mention even the dog is spot-on… [image source]
Well done, this lil’ guy’s dad! Doctor Octopus and Spiderman team up, for once. [image source]
I’ve always wanted do a group Rocky Horror cosplay! It’s nice to have goals (ha). [image source]
This is so easy! And hilarious! I’ve haven’t seen a Sesame Street reference for ages. [image source] Okay, I know there are a lot more out there. Share your own favorites! I’ve been trying to talk a gaggle of buddies into cosplaying the cast of Twin Peaks. So far, no luck – but one of these days, man… Article by: Lydia Mondy

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  • I can’t get the pictures to work, but it might just be me :(.

    It’s still my dream to rock a super awesome group cosplay. One of these days!

  • The photos aren’t loading for me either :( I like seeing group photos of cosplayers! One of my favorites is one I saw recently which was a pic of all the sailor scouts together, it was awesome! :)

  • That Daria set was AMAZING!! Jane was pitch perfect!!

  • Lori

    @Amanda – It was all on me. I should’ve uploaded the images to my server :P!

  • Lori

    @Jessica/Joie – Images should be working now :) I really liked the Daria one too! It’s so original.

  • These are great! I’m always trying to get my significant other to do couples costumes with me, but he won’t bite. I also totally agree with your statement on kids & Ewoks.

  • Lori

    @Mariko – Glad you liked the article! Lydida is a great writer! I hope she can contribute more posts on my blog :)