This weeks Spotlight is on Kelli from Austin, Texas! Meet Kelli Nova in this interview! She is an amazing cosplayer and a Weird Girl. I'm a big fan of her Tali Zorah cosplay :)

Kelli has a passion for crafts and video games!  I hope to run into her at RTX this year and meet her! Check out her interview!


GH: Tell me a little about yourself:

Kelli: I am the cosplay content contributor for Weird Girls, a webseries created to provide a safe place for geeks of all genders. I'm an Austin native and I love all the things: Star Trek, video games, arts and crafts, cosplay, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Disney, and anything DIY. I want to pet all the kitties. Seriously. It's a problem.

GH: What made you want to start cosplaying?

Kelli: My hubby and I attended our first comic con a couple years ago. I felt that in order to get the full comic con experience, I should dress in cosplay at least one of the three days. I had such a positive experience cosplaying that I just kept with it. I always loved making Halloween costumes so it gave me an outlet to make costumes all year round.

GH: How long have you been cosplaying for?

Kelli: About 2 years.

GH: What is your favorite cosplay you have done?

Kelli: Tali’Zorah is the cosplay I cherish the most because it was a lot of “firsts” for me- first Pepakura build, first hand drafted sewing pattern, first shoe alteration, first foam armor build. She’s not my favorite to wear simply because she's so uncomfortable but I think she looks spectacular.

GH: What are some of your best memories cosplaying? Kelli: It's really weird to say this is my favorite memory but it still makes me laugh to think of it....This 6'5'' Christian Bale type Batman was walking down artist alley when I turned away from a table and literally ran into him. His chest was at my eye level so all I could see was this huge man trying to open a tiny packet of smarties. I quickly apologized for running into him and we had this awkward pause. I asked him if he needed help opening the smarties. In the best Christian Bale Batman voice he replied, "Nah, I got it," as he gently picked up a smartie and carefully ate it. It was like watching the Beast try to eat with a fork.

GH: Any new cosplay projects you are working on right now?

Kelli: I’m currently working on Steampunk Zatanna and Steampunk Green Lantern for our Justice League cosplay group. It’s been a bit of a challenge for me because this is my first time making a cosplay for another person.

GH: Just for fun, do you ever wish you could really be a certain character you have cosplayed? Which one and why? Kelli: Absolutely! I’d love to be Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers). Not only are her powers super cool (energy absorption, super strength and flying abilities) but she’s a real down to earth character and all around badass.

GH: What are some other hobbies you enjoy doing? Other than cosplay?

Kelli: I love sewing and playing video games…if that’s a hobby? There’s something so relaxing about them both.

GH: Any upcoming events we will be able to catch you at?

Kelli: I’ll be at VIDCON June 27 & 28th and RTX July 4-6th

GH: Lastly, do you have any advice you would like to give for those starting out in cosplaying?

Kelli: Don't let anyone dictate how you cosplay. Whether you take artistic liberties or have a different body type/skin color/hair color/etc, your cosplay is your own and no one has the right to tell you you're doing it wrong.

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