My Geek Space

As I was reading one of The Nerdy Girlie's posts not too long ago, it inspired me to create this post based on my geek space! The Princess and the Geek has this great series on their blog where you can post pictures of your geek space - it can be your workspace, living room, bedroom, etc! This is truly awesome. I love looking at everyone's unique spaces!
My geek-space I will be showing you guys is my work area in my bedroom. So our apartment is really tiny! My boyfriend and I tried to make the bedroom work as a place to sleep AND have 2 desks for our work areas. My desk is tiny, but efficient :) Check it out!
These things make my geekspace a happy place...
  • Laptop
  • Headset
  • External Hard drive
  • Artwork & gifts from friends to display
  • My Camera
  • ...And my checkbook for my bills.
geekspace-03 Do these look familiar? They were created by the lovely Leslie! geekspace-04 geekspace-05 More art & geeky items! I love my Left 4 Dead medpack :) Not too long ago, I made a post on my product review for my new camera I got. If you check out that post, you can also see my living room "geek space". I made a video testing out the quality of the video camera and I recorded a great portion of my living room! :) I'd love to see your geek space! :D Be sure to check out The Princess & the Geeks site to see more awesome spaces!