Happy Easter! I’ll be back.

April 17th, 2014
Hey guys! I just wanted to wish everyone a great Easter weekend and hope you get to have awesome family time and eat like royalty --- and make it rain with soooo much confetti from your Easter egg hunts :) I'm actually going to be away for a week in Arizona. I'll be leaving shortly and won't have access to make blog posts. So, I have some posts scheduled for the next few days! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new entry (Geek Hero of the Week) and another one on Saturday (which will be a post made by an awesome contributor!) I was watching a few random Sailormoon clips on Youtube and stumbled across this clip I remember watching when I was younger.
My original idea was to make cookies shaped like bunnies and incorporate that into an Easter DIY tutorial - Alas, I had no time :( So instead I got inspired by their bunnies to make this downloadable wallpaper for you guys to have!


[Click here to Download my "Easter Bunnies" Wallpaper!]

I promise to try harder on my DIY tutorials and actually fulfill them :) I also need to make more vlogs! I actually have a list of things I'd like to talk about through a vlog than my blog. A few include: An upcoming cosplay outfit in the works, making a consistent Twitch stream schedule, my new hair cut/color, and a few reviews on recent shows I've watched! Hopefully next week I can make a few on my Youtube channel!

New posts are scheduled for the new few days!

Happy Easter!

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  • Really excited to see this upcoming cosplay! I’ve been toying around with making my first cosplay costume to wear at one of the random conventions we have around here. Still not sure who I would dress as.

    Happy Easter!

  • My little sister and I used to LOVE that Sailor Moon movie! Love the wallpaper–too cute!

  • Oh my gosh that bunny background is adorable!

  • Lori

    @Miranda – Thanks Miranda!

  • Cute wallpaper! And Happy Easter!

  • Lori

    @Joie – Thanks Joie :D