Places to Check Out in ATX – Robot & Galaxy!

Yesterday was finally my day off from work. I was able to get some design work done so my boyfriend and I decided to go out for the whole day and explore some places. **Note to self:** Do not leave on the same day President Obama is visiting the city.  There was a bunch of traffic, but to be honest, that didn't stop us!

For lunch, we ate at one of my favorite restaurants - Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen!


An old friend and I had stumbled across this place when we were looking for a place to eat on South Congress. We LOVED how unique and creative the interior of the restaurant was! *They even have a few swing sets for seating by the tables!*. I loved the whole "Japanese" theme of it - Even the waitresses dress up as school girls.

They have a fun selection for their maki rolls - "Sea-3P0, Mr Roboto, R2D2, etc... Quirky names for some delicious selections! I'm really fond of their Steamed Pork Buns, Spicy Chicken Bowl & their scrumptious chocolate espresso mocha mo-chi ice cream (made from sticky rice & ice cream filling)!

After we dined like royalty, we decided to check out Gamerz Galaxy, a place I found out about on Facebook. I was surprised I've never heard of this place considering my love for games! Once we arrived, we swept through every inch of that place analyzing all it's goods!

ptcia-gamerz1 ptcia-gamerz2

They have two locations - One near the Hancock Center and the other store is at the Lakeline Mall in Cedar Park, Texas. ptcia-gamerz3

One of the first things I noticed was their DDR play area! DDR takes me back to my high school and arcade days. It was awesome to see this inside their store for anyone to play! They had a lot of games that made us go into "nostalgia" mode. I even left with buying an old Harry Potter game that stopped working on my PC. The employee working at the time was really helpful and nice to us! We spent a great amount of time talking to her about video games and consoles.


They also have a great area in the back of the store that you can rent out for a party. There's some comfy chairs and a few TVs to host some LAN parties! It's definitely a fun and cozy environment there!

ptcia-gamerz5 ptcia-gamerz6

If you are ever in Austin, Texas, I recommend stopping by Gamerz Galaxy!

Be sure to follow their Facebook page to hit up some of their daily deals! They have some great ones you seriously can't pass up.

We felt we had a very successful day checking out these two places! And I can already tell we will be going back to visit again soon :)

Happy exploring!