What’s In My Camera… Pt. 3

It's time for another set of photos from my camera! I recently went back to my hometown for a family visit. Here are a few photos I selected to show! I noticed I went with a more "nature scheme".


This wasn't taken back at my hometown. It was taken the other night when I was taking my dog outside. Mars was shining bright that night but I wasn't able to get a picture of it; So, I decided to get a photo of the moon instead :)


It was a bit nostalgic taking a picture infront of this mirror... Back in highschool (which was about 6 years ago!), I use to take silly pictures infront of this mirror!


My happy dog, Zoey!!


Cooking out smoke + sun = Awesome background effects.


Sunlight + smoke between the leaves = lovely.


We are always BBQing in Texas ;)


I'm walking on a spiderweb.

I was also taking a lot of videos with my camera. Check out a few random clips I took around in my apartment :)

Thanks for viewing my photos, guys! More "What's In My Camera" posts to come! I'm always taking my camera with me. Someone asked me if I considered myself a "photographer"... I have never labeled myself as one. Maybe I'm just a 'photo-taking enthusiast'? haha :)