My boyfriend has been very helpful enough to find me all of the Sailor Moon / Card Captors series to watch online. I've been reliving my childhood the past few days... (**along with Supernatural!**)


I have a jean jacket that I obsessively wear. It currently has a few fandom buttons on it like Doctor Who, Green Arrow and the Walking Dead. I plan to add some iron on patches on it of other fandoms that have been created into patches. This leads me into my Tuesday Finds of finding some potential patches that I can use for my jacket.
Cherriesama has a fantastic shop with embroided patches, jewelry, stickers and more goodies.
You will probably hear it over and over - but I LOVE Card Captors/Sakura! There is even a post I made awhile back about tattoos I would love to have & having something from this show tattooed on me would complete me *-*
Their patches are so cute! I'd want both of these ironed onto my jacket :) I can't pick just one. I'm glad they have two options - Iron On or Sew On... Sadly, I am not good with a needle so I'm happy I can just use their iron-on option!tuesdayfinds-cherriesama-02
Sailormoon - Another series that made up my childhood. This patch definitely needs to be represented, too!
Along with stickers - I also collect many buttons. Buttons are awesome. I put them EVERYWHERE. You should see all my purses/bags/and jacket.
As for another search - I've been looking into dog accesories. If you've followed up on my Instagram/Twitter, I've expressed (with multiple pictures) of me taking my dog back to Austin with me! Sadly, my parents can't look after her for right now so I decided to bring her back with me. I've been wanting to have her here for a long time! I've missed her.
Meet Zoey, my rat terrier mix.
  • The Sad Basset has some cute keychains that I thought would be perfect to add on my dogs collar. She has this awesome TARDIS keychain and a round Harry Potter one that I would love to add!
  • All You Need Is Pug Shop has this adorable Gryffindor scarf... made for a dog! Sadly, it's too warm in Texas for my dog to ever need one! But I'll definitely look into it during winter time :)
  • The Embroidery Room has lovely dog bandanas which can be customized with your dogs name on it. I'd really like her Halloween design for my dog! I love the colors!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)