SciFi Expo 2014 / Dallas Zoo

February 12th, 2014
So last Friday, my boyfriend and I packed up our things and we set out to Dallas, Texas. We like to call it our "mini vacation", but we've had this planned for a few months now. It felt great to get out of Austin for the weekend since all we've been doing is working non-stop. Day 01: Traveling to Dallas. We were really worried about the weather when we were driving up. Dallas is about 3 hours north of Austin and my weather app kept alerting me for "Icy Road Conditions" and "Freezing Rain". Luckily, it was still too warm for it to actually ice over! When we arrived in Dallas, we got totally lost on our way to the hotel, haha. We managed to actually drive through downtown Dallas and our hotel was not even close to there. I love the cityscape view though! ♥ ... The last time I saw really tall buildings was when I went to New York in 2005! Yeah, I need to do more traveling ^.^; Alas, we made it to the hotel. Day 02: SciFi Expo 2014 We woke up at 7am to binge on the complimentary breakfast they had at our hotel's lobby. It felt like a grand feast! We ate so many bagels, waffles, muffins... So good. We were off to the convention afterwards! This was my boyfriends first comic con and my second time attending a convention in Dallas.

Our main reasons of wanting to go was to meet Karen Gillan / Amy Pond (Doctor Who) and Stephen Amell / Oliver Queen (Arrow).


He was so nice to us! I won't lie - Inside I was fangirling :) Glad I can cross out "Meeting A Second Character From the Arrow TV Show" off my list! I met John Barrowman (Malcom Merlyn) last October at Dallas Comic Con 2013.


It was insane how badly the event got disorganized when it came to the Karen Gillan photo ops. Whovians were angry for having to wait at least 2 hours to get their picture with her and then having the staff tell us they were at full capacity already for her first photo op! We ended up having to wait 2 hours later to finally get a picture with her. It was a horrible long wait again. It was worth it in the end since we got to take our picture with her and she was really sweet to us! I can only imagine how flustered she was with all the chaos.

Apart from the photo ops, we met a lot of great cosplayers and just nice people in general at the expo! 005 I was able to meet Jessica Grundy and buy a few of her prints. I've been eyeing her art since the last time I went to Austin Comic Con!

0012 0011

I was also able to meet Glitzy Geek Girl right before we left the expo and Alya Young, who actually got proposed infront of the Stephen Amell autograph booth!

You can watch the video above to see more photos from the expo and also see them on my Facebook page! It was a very long day at the expo but we both had a great time and bought so much stuff we don't know what to do with it, actually...

Day 03: Dallas Zoo

We were actually suppose to leave back to Austin after the expo, but as a last minute decision we ended up booking another night to stay. Our goal was to stop by the Dallas Zoo before we left on Sunday!


The video above has a few recordings I took at the zoo. I took a million pictures but it would've made this post image heavy if I added them all in.

It was a great mini-trip! Dallas, TX I miss you already...

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  • B

    It looks like you had a great time! I’m meeting Stephen next month and can’t wait!

  • I’m torn between being suddenly unable to wait for my next con and being relieved it’s still a few months off because I haven’t started work on my costumes.

    I really like that artist–she has this little anglerfish drawing that I really want, plus her AECOs are awesome. Thanks for showing her to me!

    P.S. Spent about an hour playing Warframe today. Spent the rest of the time thinking about playing Warframe. I think I’m hooked.

  • Ah! John Barrowman! So cool!
    Glad it was fun!

  • Wow, looks like a really fun trip! So jealous that you got to meet Karen Gillian!

    I also love the Dolly Parton billboard in your video!

  • Looks like you had a great time! That was a super fun video :D I’m hoping to meet Karen Gillan at ECCC next month in Seattle! Her announcement is what made me finally buy tickets. I’ve never been to ECCC before. Also super jealous that you’ve met John Barrowman! He seems so nice.

  • Lori

    @B – He’s a really nice guy!! :D Have fun!

    @Amanda – Jessica Grundy has lovely work. Glad you liked her! And Wooo, we play Warframe now!

    @Joe – John Barrowman is one crazy guy

    @Lady Geek Out – Haha thanks. There would be a DOlly Parton billboard in Texas :P

    @Miranda – You should definitely meet her! Be warned: Whovians tend to go crazy and there will be long lines!

  • Glitzy Geeky Girl! How cool, she rocks :) Epic Shredder!! Looks like you had so much fun!!!

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