What’s In My Camera… Pt. 1

I've been taking my new camera everywhere. I snap pictures at awkward moments of random things. I just want to share my random snaps from my camera.


So lately the new place my boyfriend and I love to goto on our day off are the local comic book stores... I think we can both agree that we love getting to Dragon's Lair because of it's nicer new location and those darn cute cats (Aswan and MaiDez) they have walking around their store!


Recent comics we have bought: Velvet #1 & #2, Rocket Girl #1, Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #1, Hellraiser: The Dark Witch / 2013 Annual, & Steampunk Cinderella... Have you read any of those? Should I continue any of those series? :)


Taking a reading break to take a quick snap of the issue.whatimreading-pt1-4

Received some new merch for work! Moo.com is great.


Just a random shot of my bookcase in our living room. There was a lot of natural sunlight coming in and this was the first picture I snapped during it.


We ate at Red Lobster the other night - I can eat those cheddar biscuits like I depended on it! <3 So damn good! ... Not going to lie, I did feel a little strange taking a picture of the biscuits while we were having dinner, haha.

That's all I have to share for now - I would've made this post insanely overloaded and it would've been very image heavy so I just decided to pick a few photos to show. I recently got asked what kind of setting I use for my photos. You can actually get my Photoshop curve presets here! I still need to add a lot more curves I have saved. Photography was never part of my major nor did I see doing it as a career for myself - but I did love learning photo editing techniques to make my photos look more cohesive. :) Be sure to check out my post tomorrow! A grand Tuesday Finds I'd love to share with you guys :D