I'm so glad Arrow is back on the air!

arrowtastic The one month wait was killing me! I'm not familiar with how the comic series go, but I really love the show! I was planning on doing a review of tonights episode, but I didn't want to write about any spoilers. I did however go crazy on trying to find Green Arrow accessories and such so take a look at what I found!

I must buy all things Arrow!


The newest season has begun. Arrow finally has a mask on! SinesCreations shop has great super hero masks, including vigilante, Green Arrow. I must say, that mask is a great replica (you can see the mask on Arrow from my first picture in this post!) Awesome mask!


I stumbled upon these Green Arrow coasters made from actual comic books made by PopCycled. I really like when people make stuff out of comic books - These coasters need to be in my apartment!


This bracelet is beautiful! I love all the symbolic charms that give you that Green Arrow vibe. I think ZivaKreations did an amazing job on making this charm bracelet relate to the TV series.


More great comic book art - Micamyers has created a Green Arrow wallet also created out of comic books. Great design!

arrowtastic-05 arrowtastic-05-2

This is beyond perfect! I've been wanting to cosplay as a girl version of Green Arrow and found this on Etsy. I'm horrible at sewing and would probably not even be able to create something as great as this! Procosplay wins. Now my dreams of becoming Green Arrow can come true...


Lastly, I love collecting buttons. I actually have so many extra buttons that I'm not even sure what I should do with them... ButtonBadgeLove has created this set of 4 from recycled comic books. Love them!

Do you watch Arrow the TV series or are you more into the comic books?

Arrow love, all the way! :)