For my Tuesday Finds this week, I've gone video game madness! Now that school is out of the way, I've been abusing over using my PC and Xbox 360! I started looking up different artists who have made some video game inspired art and some apparel! Check out some of the great finds I found!
  1. GoFollowRabbits Skirts
I must order all these skirts! Her shop has adorable skirts of all kinds of geekery! I'm glad she has a gaming selection :) Take a look at her Portal, Classic controller, Zelda and Yoshi designs. She also has more gaming-related designs in her shop!


Society6 has beautiful artwork and amazing upcoming artists. They had a fantastic gaming design selection! I thought these totes were the cutest and I really liked the art style from the artists.
  1. The Legend of Zelda Mammals Mask tote bag by Teagan White
  2. Video Game Plumber tote bag by Justin D. Russo
  3. Video Game Sketch Controller tote bag by Tom Monforti
  4. Game Boy Color Turquoise tote bag by Agustin Flowalistik

tuesdayfinds-vg2 tuesdayfinds-vg3 tuesdayfinds-vg4 tuesdayfinds-vg5

I need these throw pillows for my couch! My boyfriend and I are all about gaming - These pillows would totally make our environment feel better :P And I just really want them!
  1. Gamer Controller Throw Pillow by Christine Clancy-Wiegand
  2. Game Box Throw Pillow by Marc Beaudette

tuesdayfinds-vg6 tuesdayfinds-vg7

Lastly, I'm not too big on wearing a lot of jewelry but I love to wear studs! I stumbled upon these on Etsy when I was searching for some new studs to buy for my upcoming birthday. These were two potential options! I was also looking into some Mass Effect and Xbox controller ones.
  1. Super Mario Starman Pearlized studs by SweetPandaFish
  2. 8BitHeart studs by xDonnaxthexDead

tuesdayfinds-vg8 tuesdayfinds-vg9

Happy gaming, everyone! :)