Are you Sherlocked?

December 30th, 2013
January 1st is just around the corner - A new year, the start of 'weight-loss' resolutions, and Sherlock will be back on the air!

I'm not sure what it is about Sherlock Holmes. He is just a fictional detective yet every story I've read or any movie based on him I tend to fall in love and get so intrigued! Maybe it's his cleverness? ... Or because they chose Benedict Cumberbatch as a great (and suave) Sherlock.

I'm excited for the show to come back! Are you Sherlocked, yet? Get Sherlocked!

The Nerdy Girlie has a segment called Every Day Cosplay and she has set up a great Sherlock outfit! Megan's outfits are always so cute! getsherlocked-tng

I'm such a sucker for printables & crafts. Hearts&Craftsy shop has crafty printables and party decor! At their Etsy shop, they've created some easy-to-make downloadable Sherlock stickers! What I really love about their stickers is that you can print them straight from your home! Stick these babies everywhere!


Just a side note - They also have fantastic Doctor Who printables for all you Whovians ;) I'm in love with Hearts&Craftsy!

If you're feeling really ambitions... You could decorate that one wall in your home with the exact same Sherlock wallpaper in the show! Tangletree Interiors has the exact wallpaper from the show for you to Sherlock-i-fied (uhh- what?) your home!


I hope you guys are excited as I am for the show to come back! I miss Watson oh so dearly, too! Happy New Years, everyone!

I will leave you with the Sherlock mini-episode... Just to set the Sherlock mood.


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  • My friend Heather skipped a meetup of Austin women who read comics because she had to get home and get her live stream organized to watch this on Sunday!

  • Lori

    @Skye – I don’t blame her! It was worth it!

  • Watched it and loved it! This is a super cute idea.

  • Lori

    @Dany – Thanks! And I loved it too!

  • omgshhhhh i LOVED sherlock this season. it went too fast and i’m so sad its over. buttttt we are getting another 2 seasons so i’m glad we have that! :D