It's finally time for the year to end. I just wanted to do a recap of how far has come. I remember it just yesterday when I began this blog - I've seen it transform through many different creative phases to the content I posted.

Here is a recap of what has gone through the year from popular posts to memorable moments!

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

My first DIY tutorial - The Comic Book Flats tutorial

My first tutorial to get my DIY section going! It was fun making these and I hope to create similar DIY tutorials in the future for :)

Going to the SXSW 2013 Gaming Expo

I had a blast there! I got to be around gaming festivities and also see a really great panel by the creators of Borderlands. Also during SXSW 2013, my friend and I got the privileged of attending a Nerdist live podcast.

I was able to meet Chris Hardwick after the show :)

I was able to start up a segment called The Spotlight where it focused on supporting and promoting artists. I had great privileged on interviewing artists like Ron Guyatt, Ray Dillion & cosplayer Raechel Spinnie!

It was a big achievement when I was able to pull off my first giveaway! It has led me to produce a lot more giveaways and there are definitely a few lined up for the start of the new year!

My Dallas Comic Con 2013 post!

My spontaneous road trip to Dallas Comic Con! I was able to meet John Barrowman, Tom Felton and Charles Baker. I was also able to make it to Austin Comic Con and enjoy the experience with my friends!

Lastly, my biggest accomplishment of the year was graduating! Now that I'm done with school, just as Peter Capaldi, I now must fulfill my next adventure. *Farewell to Matt Smith by the way... He was extraordinary!*(homework free ^-^)!


I'm happy for all the new people I've met through my blog and hope to continue to meet more amazing ones in the future :) 2014 is already looking like a great year. I wish the best to all of you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thanks for making have a fantastic one year!