I went to Austin Comic Con yesterday :) My friends arrived from out of town the night before and we had a great time catching up that we only got around 4 hours of sleep that night. The weather was horrible - Freezing and rainy, but we were still excited to just get to the con.

I overdid it and took so many pictures so I'll just let the pictures speak about my experience!


After the insanely long wait to get inside the con, we were greeted by the first sight of a Tardis! Then a creepy-awesome looking weeping angel appeared!

I saw a lot of great cosplayers and managed to get some great pictures with them. You can see more of the pictures from the con down below (be sure to click the picture again after clicking on it the first time so they can appear larger!)


When I had gone to Dallas Comic Con, this Donna cosplayer was there but I was too shy to ask for a picture with her. She ended up being at the con today so I managed to ask if I could have a picture with her :) She was really nice!


I originally wanted to do a few photo ops and meet and greets but ended up just enjoying the con and the people I came across. I was trying to restrain myself from not buying everything I saw - This year seemed to have a lot more stuff than last year. It was really great but such a big tease on my wallet!


The Doctor Who fan experience panel was F A N T A S T I C ! The panel was lead by Crazy 4 Comic Con & Doctor Who Fan Club of Austin. I've never been in a jam-packed room just filled with Whovians.. It also made me realize that I need to buy a sonic screwdriver!

The Day of the Doctor was amazing! I'll also be watching it on Monday in 3D at the theaters :)

This was a great con. I wish I could have gone all three days... but then I know I would have lost all my rent money, hah. Allons-y!