Thanksgiving has been and will always be my favorite holiday! I do enjoy Halloween and Christmas, but nothing beats going back to my hometown, spending time with my family and eating delicious food. Thanksgiving leaves me in a happy food coma. I was looking up recipes that I could add to the table and came across some great recipes!


ShakenTogetherLife has created some delicious looking pumpkin croissants. I'm a huge bread lover - especially on Thanksgiving! (The breadrolls are my favorite part... besides the turkey, of course). I'll gladly devour a whole package of croissants - but I've never tried pumpkin croissants! Her recipe feels perfect to add to a Thanksgiving feast!


The Hobbit, in a weird way, does make me think of Thanksgiving. The BitFrost Bakery baked some Hobbit sugar hole cookies that would be perfect for a dessert treat! I love cookies - all shapes, color and sizes; So I'd love to have these on our Thanksgiving table :)


I love cheese. And I love buns... Bread buns, that is! GeekyChef has a great recipe for cheesy buns based on the Hunger Games! I'd imagine these buns would probably taste similar to the Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. Nothing wrong with that! Can't have Thanksgiving without bread rolls!


Thanksgiving makes me happy. And so does Hagrid, from Harry Potter. This recipe was inspired by the rock cakes (that nearly made Ron & Harry lose their teeth!) that Hagrid had made. Mugglenet has a great section for fans to submit their homemade recipes and this was one of them.


Lastly.. I recently tried blueberry pie and then I thought to myself "What is wrong with me?! Why didn't I try this beautiful invention earlier?!"... The Odds Family took that delicious invention and interconnected it with Star Wars! It's the P E R F E C T pie to have on Thanksgiving!

Hope this will help you make some delicious treats for your Thanksgiving! If you end up trying out any of these recipes, be sure to let me know in the comment box below :D I'd love to eventually (try) and making some of thees!