Giveaway time!

I'd first like to introduce our Tuesday Finds spotlight on GeekifyInc. John, the really nice owner of GeekifyInc reached out to me and we decided to join forces and create this giveaway! He was terrific enough to offer his Neverending Story cover! Depending on what device you have, whether it's an iPad mini to an eReader and such, you get to pick which one you'd like to win!

ONE lucky winner will receive:

  • Neverending Story cover for their chosen device, courtesy of GeekifyInc!

Seriously, as I told John... I wish I had a tablet so I could use some of his covers from his shop! You should check out the other designs he has. He has covers of Adventure Time to the Labyrinth to other geeky icons.


The giveaway is up and running! Enter now :) & thank you yet again, John from GeekifyInc! This giveaway wouldn't be possible without you! Be sure to give his Etsy shop some love!

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