For more inspiration, I have created another Pinterest board with more ideas for a party! breakingbadpartyideas

I'm so sad the series is going to be over, but I wouldn't see how it could continue on either way! All good things must come to an end... Now go cook some meth. Or better yet, just host your own Breaking Bad party!

Here are some great ideas I came across that you can do for your gathering.


Your Own Laboratory - Make your guests feel like they are walking into a laboratory. Have your own little 'meth lab' set up where all the finger foods & beverages will be displayed at. This will definitely set the Breaking Bad mood!


Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken - Every party needs food! A clever idea would be to order some chicken from a local fast food restaurant (or you can make your own!) & place them in white buckets. Print out a Los Pollos Hermanos logo and paste them onto the bucket!


Schraderbrau - If you watched the series, you know Hank created his own brew. You can definitely print out some labels you can find on Google Images and slap them on a few beer bottles. It's the perfect drink!


Beaker cups - Don't like drinking out from the bottle? Pour your beverage into a beaker! Beakers will definitely give off a great 'lab / chemistry' vibe!


The Purest Meth - Give your guests a little bit of something-something... Like Tropical Punch Pop Rocks & Coke in a little plastic bag! Put some in a little plastic bag to give the look like the meth used in the show. Heisenberg only makes the finest and purest products out there - your guest should have some too!


The 'Heisenberg' look - Just for fun, have some sunglasses and hats available for you and your guest to wear! Truly be Heisenberg for one last night!