It's been a very productive day for me. I redesigned The Nerdy Girlie's blog, went to a meeting for work, and ended my night with celebrating one of my best friends birthday at Pinballz Arcade.

Yes! More reasons to love my friends - Sure, we do occasionally like to go out to a bar/club and drink with friends but we will definitely geek out and prefer to celebrate in an arcade!


Here is me, the birthday girl and another one of my good friends outside of Pinballz Arcade.


I've been to smaller arcades before but none like this one! There was literally pinball machines lined up from wall to wall. There was some great ones I saw like a 1992 Doctor Who pinball machine (which was selling for $5,000!), Star Wars, KISS, Star Trek, Tales from the Crypt, Tron, Creature from the Black Lagoon... and seriously, this list can go on forever! Even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to name all of the ones I can even remember! I wish I owned my own house already with a huge gameroom so I could invest in a few pinball machines. And this is just wishful thinking, but hopefully the Doctor Who one will still be there by the time I get my own house!

pinball03 pinball04

Anyway, if you are ever in the North Austin area, I highly suggest stopping by and hanging out at this place. We had a great time trying to score as many tickets as we can so we could afford some of those silly prizes at the end. We ended up taking home 5 friendship bracelets, 6 pieces of candy, and 1 tiny voodoo looking figure (Well I only got it because it reminded me of the characters off of Little Big Planet ♥) Now to get some sleep - Molto bene!