Materials Needed:

- Your choice of colored glowsticks

- Scissors

- Jar

Step 1)

Break your glowsticks so they can be activated and start glowing.

diy-glowsticks2 diy-glowsticks3

Step 2)

Use the scissors and cut the glow sticks in the middle. Be sure to be cutting the glowsticks inside the jar so you don't spill the chemicals from the glowsticks everywhere.

Step 3)

Once the glowsticks are cut in half, start shaking the glowstick inside the jar so the colors/chemicals can splatter inside it.

Step 4)

That's pretty much it! You're finished! You can get creative and leave the glowsticks inside or take them out to have some nice looking glowing jars with a milky effect.


I've done this diy project numerous times with all different kinds of colored glowsticks! It's really nice to look at once all the lights are off and all you can see and focus on is the glowing jar! It's a great ambiance :)