So I've been a Harry Potter fan since 7th grade when my English teacher introduced our class to Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. I was hooked! I will always remember Harry Potter's birthday - For one, it's one of my friends birthday so it just makes it a little bit easier, and two - It is also J.K Rowling's birthday! Definitely a MUST to remember.

I created another pinboard, just like the one I did for my Doctor Who Party Ideas post, so you can get some inspiration!

I could really go for some butter beer right about now.


Other great ideas you can throw in for your party is:

I'm not too sure how I'll be celebrating this event, but I think I'll fancy a HP marathon & maybe try making some homemade butterbeer. To be honest, I've tried making it homemade before and it came out horrifying - Hopefully I can look up a better recipe! I have a copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook which I have yet to make anything from it. Maybe it'll finally come into use for Harry's festivities ^________^!

Will you being do any partying for Harry Potter or even a small gathering? :) Hope my pinboard helps you out for ideas!