So it's been awhile since I've done a DIY tutorial!

I was browsing an arts and crafts store earlier and they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. I snagged a few items like foam sheets, wood block items and a few other things. I thought about making this tutorial for some making some DIY custom stamps!

Here is a video I made with all the steps for the tutorial!

And for text purposes, here it is again.

Materials Needed:

Foam Sheet

Marker for tracing

Acrylic paints

Scissors/X-Acto Knife


Wooden Blocks

Step 1) Create a template. I'm using the Sherlock silhouette for this tutorial!

Step 2) Cut out your template.

Step 3) Trace your template onto the foam sheet

Step 4) Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out the shape.

Step 5) Brush some adhesive onto the woodblock and paste your shape onto it.

Step 6) Add a dash of paint :)

Step 7) Stamp away!

More tutorials to come! :) I have another one planned already!