My April LootCrate "Tokens" came in a few days ago. I've actually been subscribed to LootCrate since January and I've always thought about making an unboxing video... Well, I finally did that! Watch me unbox my Tokens crate! I'm hoping to continue on creating more unboxing videos for my future monthly crates :)

As a subscriber, I have been curious about the cost of all the items that come in the crate and if I really am saving money... So here are the items that came in the Tokens crate!

  • 8BZ Arcade Token - $3.00
  • Street Fighter Mini Series Blind Box - $7.50
  • Retro Game Candy - $1.00
  • Street Fighter Key Chain - $4.95
  • Mushroom Kingdom Racing Bag Cinch Pack - $15.00 (Based on GraphicLab item prices)
  • Space Invaders Candy With Collectible Tin- $3.00

Total value = Rounded $34.50!

So as you can clearly see, LootCrate doesn't [beep] around! You definitely get your moneys worth by subscribing! So DO IT!

It is only $13.37 per month + $6 S&H to subscribe! You'll get great loot! Click here to subscribe to LootCrate by using my special referral link :)!

They also just released their new app! Now you can stay connected and see other subscribers share their unboxing videos, photos, and more! :D

I love the LootCrate community! I'm already anticipating my May Loot Crate...!!!