Impossible Astronaut Day

I didn't have to go into work this morning so I started off by day my re-watching The Impossible Astronaut to celebrate the whovian holiday that was created which marks the second anniversary of the premiere of Doctor Who Series 6! (April 23rd)

Impossible Astronaut Day

Besides the Daleks, the Silence are one of my favorite characters from Doctor Who. As I was surfing Tumblr, it was amazing to see how many people tally-marked themselves! The feed keeps updating every few minutes.

Some of my Girl Hero Facebook followers (who are also really good friends) joined in on The Impossible Astronaut Day themselves and marked themselves up :)

Impossible Astronaut Day fan! Impossible Astronaut Day fan!

Yeah, my friends are the coolest.

Hope you guys had a great Impossible Astronaut Day... Wait, what were we talking about? I feel like we were talking about something important...

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