Lately, I've been getting back into playing Halo. I was surfing some Halo related Facebook pages and stumbled across the coolest Halo/Master Chief cosplay I've ever seen! I present to you the Mini Chief!

Mini Chief and Cortana

I immediately contacted the owner of the Facebook page (who just so happens to be Mini Chiefs father) and expressed to them how much I enjoyed viewing their work.
" It originally started as a casual thing for friends, family and coworkers and now has taken off. " - Mini Chief's father

Mini Chief eating a sandwich!

I seriously adore the Mini Chief.  My all time favorite picture I can't get enough of is the one where the Mini Chief is eating a sandwich with Cortana - It's so innocent and so not Master Chief! It just leaves a smile on my face. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the Mini Chief in the future. What started as a small thing for close friends and family is catching the attention of many other Halo lovers! We are not disappointed from what we are seeing of the Mini Chief :)

You can see more pictures of the Mini Chief's Big Adventures on their Official Facebook page!

As I was still in contact with Mini Chief's father. He was sweet enough to answer a small interview for my blog!

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I'm a professional video game artist/animator. I love toys and games and of course, my family.

2. What made you want to start "The Big Adventures of the Mini Chief"?

I wanted to make a costume for my son and just happened to get inspired to make a Master Chief costume for him. My coworkers, friends, and family got a kick out of my son in the costume so I casually made a Facebook page for him and dubbed him "the Mini Chief".Awesome pose!

3. Just for fun, do you and your son play a lot of video games together? Which game would you say both of you enjoy the most?

We enjoy lots of different games together. All kinds from fitness to kids action and of course, Halo.

4. Con season is already starting up, will the Mini Chief be making many appearances to some?

Our most recent outing was the ECCC 2013 a few months ago. We don't have a schedule, if we happen to be going to a convention, he dons the armor.

5. Lastly, do you hope to start up more projects with your son in the future? Any potential ones we will be possibly seeing soon?

Most of the work being done has been improving on the current Mini Chief armor. Just added lights and battle damage which we debuted in Seattle at the ECCC. We're currently really enjoying this Mini Chief phase, new costumes, well, only inspiration will tell. :)

Mini Chief at ECCC


Join the Mini Chief as he protects the universe from threats from outer space while still managing to keep his room clean. - The Big Adventures of the Mini Chief on Facebook!