Doctor Who – The Bells Of Saint John : Recap

March 31st, 2013
The Bells Of Saint John So last night Doctor Who finally came back on the air. To be honest, I had just finished catching up to where season 7 had left off. I took my time trying to catch up because I didn't like for the series to end - Thankfully, the show is back on the air so now I have something to look forward to watch now. I just want to start off by saying - I love Clara! Usually it takes me awhile to get attached to a companion but I really like her spunky, curious, and spontaneous personality. The chemistry and bond between her and the Doctor from the beginning is great to watch. I like the fact how you can tell he is becoming infatuated and intrigued with who she is. As for the whole episode, it was an interesting story line... It begins with the Doctor being a monk in the 1200s. It was very random and funny to see him not dressed up in with his suit and "Cool Bow-tie".  He hasn't stopped thinking about where and who Clara is. It also shows that he has been making some paintings of Clara. Then, his phone rings and that's when the plot thickens. Clara is the caller asking questions about having problems with her internet!

Doctor Who WiFi Name

WiFi - One of the most important essentials in today's society for everyone to get connected to the internet is getting controlled by a very powerful intelligence.  There is a guy in the beginning of the show trying to inform us to NOT click on the WiFi connection that looks like this "┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐" ... Once you click it, you will be taken and lost. I found it hilarious how Clara is as clever as a fox but not so computer-savvy when it comes to technology.What I am curious about is, who was the person gave Clara the TARDIS number? She says she got the number from a very nice lady at a shop if she ever needed help that she should call that number... I hope we find out who that mysterious lady is. In the episode, Clara is a baby sitter to a family & one of the little boys she takes care of is reading this book. When I was watching the show I didn't even notice that it was written by "Amelia Williams". It was later when I logged into Facebook that people were pointing that out. I thought that was pretty interesting to throw into the show. A book written by a previous companion!

Doctor Who - Summer Falls

Anyway, I feel that the Doctor and Clara are a great team together from what I have seen. It was precious to see the Doctor guarding her from outside her house after he saved her from being lost inside the computer base. It seems like the two could potentially develop something even further... Or so I hope! Can't wait for their adventures to continue - Until next Saturday! :]

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