It's about that time of the month again - As in... Receiving my LootCrate for March! *Geez!* This month was the Cosmos crate and it came with some really spectacular items.

Loot Crate

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does this, but once I cut the tape from my box I will grab the first item without looking... Then, as I pulled out my first item, a wild Yoda appeared in my hand :) That's when I knew the box was going to be something great... *drum roll*... Star Wars!

I grabbed the next items which were the Art of Star Wars Comics: Collectible Postcards. I already love the look of vintage comic books so the postcards are probably my favorite items from the crate. They are currently making terrific wall art in my work space :) As I just said, I'm a sucker for awesome wall art so seeing the Dead Space 3 Wall Graphic was another lovable item. Little does Loot Crate know... I noticed I had two Dead Space 3 wall graphics in my crate! I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but I'm not complaining!

Loot Crate Loot Crate Loot Crate Loot Crate

They also sent a Live Long and Prosper Button & a Hexbug Nano Micro Robot. I haven't taken my Hexbug out yet, but just watch the video below to see it in action!

Lastly, they gave us a Loot Crate wristband with the logo on the inside and the secret gamer code on the outside. Won't lie, I've been proudly flaunting my wristband from the moment I took it out of my crate!

Loot Crate

So yet again, another satisfied month with my crate. Like I said before, you should try it out at least once - I'm sure you will continue the subscription after you get your first crate. Thinking about starting up your subscription? Just use my referral link to start up! :]