Doctor Who is almost back! How are you showing your pride and fandom? Wearing a bow-tie? Having a Doctor Who viewing party? Making Dalek shaped cookies? Or how about just painting your nails a Doctor Who related color?

When it comes to painting my nails, a shade of blue is already my first option to choose from. It's almost time for Doctor Who to come back on the air so I thought it would be awesome to rock our blue nail polish til the day it airs! As preparing for the day I declare all Whovian girls to paint their nails Tardis blue (or any shade of blue!)...

There are some awesome shades I found on Etsy dedicated for Doctor Who:

Blue Box Nail Polish

My Other Car Is A Tardis

Time Vortex

Bigger On The Inside

Time and Relative Dimension in Space

Starry Night

And a great Etsy I came across was SpaceyWaceyCrafts! She created nail polish colors for almost all the characters & Doctor Who related subjects. ♥ So much love for her shop!

Just to name a few... Boe, Rose, Bow Ties Are Cool, Skaro, Don't Blink, Fish Fingers & Custard, and more!


Interview with Cyni of SpaceyWaceyCrafts!

1. Tell me a litle about yourself.

I'm Cyni, I'm 24 and I live in Louisiana. Also a self-proclaimed nerd! :]

2. What inspired you to want to start creating your own nail polishes?

I collect nail polish and I discovered indie polishes through NerdLacquer. She had the best names and colors and all of a sudden she dropped off the internet for about a year or two and I decided to make my own colors to take their place. She's back and mine definitely don't measure up to hers, but I still love mine a lot!

3. From your Doctor Who collection, which one is your favorite color? & why?

That's a tough choice! I think I like Time and Relative Dimension (In Space) the best, but Don't Blink is a really close second.

4. Do you have any more potential colors you will be making in the future or currently working on?

Yes! I'm always experimenting with powders and glitters, so there is always a possibility there will be new polishes! I'm currently trying to perfect a recipe for another Star Wars polish.

5. Just for fun, do you have any big plans for the day Doctor Who comes back on?

I usually make a British dish and never leave my house! I might have to pop into work that morning for a couple of hours so that'll break my tradition. I also watch the marathons they normally play on BBC.

6. Lastly, do you have any advice for those who are starting out selling their art work? Please listen to all criticisms! I was stubborn at first and thought people were just picking at my work because I was new, but I realized that criticisms definitely help! Also, do plenty of research before you start! I didn't know there were different kinds of bases for polish and my entire first line had to be thrown out because the glitter wouldn't suspend right.

So there are many options of colors to choose from... Show some Doctor Who pride by rocking our your bow-tie or whatever you decide to wear and have some Tardis blue nail polish on while you're at it!