While I was at the SXSW Gaming Expo this past weekend, Gearbox Software was there doing a panel called "The Past, Present and Future of Borderlands", presented by GEEK Magazine.

I didn't get to record the whole panel but I did get some great informative pieces and an awesome teaser trailer at the very end for one of their upcoming DLC characters that is still in the works! So watch and enjoy my 18 minute long video of the panel :) The guys were just great.

Before the panel started, they were passing out some Gearbox merchandise and some really awesome Handsome Jack masks! I wish I had brought one of my Borderlands stuff for them to sign; They ended up signing my Handsome Jack mask - It's still a win for me!

I'm really anxious to check out the new DLC character... Looks like it could be Brick's brother or something! The character is a huge guy... Maybe it's Bane?! ...Only wishful thinking.

Anyway, I was hoping they would secretly hint something a long the lines of "We are working on Borderlands 3!" but they were very private of upcoming projects to come... I hope they make a BL3! I don't mind donating 40 hours of my life to complete their game, haha. It's fun and great - Why complain?!

Enjoy the pictures and video! :) Subscribe to GirlHero on Youtube for more event videos to come!