Hey guys! So today I made my first ever comic book flats. You can see my finished results below from the pictures I provided. I got a lot of good feedback from my friends when I posted a few pictures up when I was creating them, so I decided to make a tutorial during the making the process.


Materials Needed

1) Any kind of flats

2) Mod Podge (matte or gloss is fine; Your choice!)

3) Flat headed paint brushes

4) Nail buffer

5) X-Acto knife / or scissors; Your choice!

6) & of course, your comic book choice!

Repetitive step

Now onto the steps...

Step 1

You want to start by cutting out the images you want to use. To cut up my comic book I used an X-Acto knife because it makes cleaner edges; But cutting with scissors is fine too! It is better for you to cut 1 inch strips instead of long strips to border your flats. If you make them long it will be hard to shape the curves of your flats.

Step 2

After cutting your images, grab your flat headed paint brush + mod podge and start pasting your imagery. It's better to start out by framing your flats (See the picture I provided above). It's easier to begin from the heel of the flat & make your way forward. After framing your flats you can start adding whatever big imagery you want to show. I find it awesome to add a lot of the comic book typography like "BAAMMM!"... "HAHAHAHA"... etc. It gives it a greater comic book feel; But it's your flats - Add your own personality to it!

Step 3

Once you have everything glued on you should give your whole flat another mod podge coating (I recommend 'Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine' spray). Let it dry out then give it one more coating - It's optional how many times you want to coat it but it will be better for the images to stick on good. You can also take the nail buffer and start buffing the flats to make smoother edges.


DO NOT attempt to wear the flats the same day you made them! They may look dry but give them at least 24 hours to make sure everything is fully dry!

That's it! If you have any problems or questions just leave a comment below! :)