↠ This Damsel Doesn’t Do Distress – Rom & Cozy

I received a lovely package from Rom & Cozy! I was originally suppose to get this package a week ago and I was waiting to do this video but there was a small problem with my P.O. box. Luckily, everything got resolved so I was able to put together a short video review & take some photos of the package they sent :)

↠ Fortnite Minitages

I've been getting really interested in creating & editing videos together. Fortnite just game out recently with a 'replay' feature and I've been having fun messing around with all the different types of angles & camera features. I'd love to share with you the two minitages I've worked on so far!

↠ ReedPOP Supply Co

I'd love to share with you some amazing geek apparel / items I received from a fantastic company that holds all your favorite fandoms.

ReedPOP Supply Co has everything nerdy you can imagine - From your favorites of Game of Thrones, Star Wars to you favorite super heroes & other icons!

↠ Review – Your Name

Starting of 2018 with an amazing movie that I'd love to share with all of you. This movie may have released in 2016, but I've been hearing a lot of great things and much talk of this movie. It was finally time for us to check out "Your Name"!